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Thursday, August 9th 2012

10:49 AM

Searching for Lyric and Elizabeth: The Evansdale Paddleboater

 I would like to know Iowa’s regulations for operating paddleboats. At the time of Lyric’s and Elizabeth’s abduction, witnesses saw someone operating a paddleboat on Myers Lake (where the girls’ bikes were located). After law enforcement officials drained the pond and ruled out drowning, the FBI encouraged the paddleboat operator to come forward because he/she may have valuable information that could bring the girls home.  With that said, if paddleboats are considered as vessels in Iowa, I would look at vessel registrations, including local bate and sport shops that rented paddleboats on the day of or weeks prior to Elizabeth's and Lyric's disappearance.


All I can do is pray for the safety and return of these beautiful girls, and help keep their story alive in the media by posting entries like this and visiting other blogs and forums. There is a wealth of information on the abduction and disappearance of Lyric and Elizabeth at websleuths.com.





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