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Monday, October 7th 2002

4:56 PM

Reported Missing

---- Monday, October 07, 2002, 4:56 pm - Justice I. Diva Writes----
In response to your e-mail regarding the whereabouts of investigative reports I and II from the October 4th and 5th Hemet, CA investigation, a few minutes ago, I attached and sent investigative report I of II to you.
This might not matter to you, but these reports kicked my butt. I can't help it that my investigative skills are more advanced than what GOON INVESTIGATIONS initally expected of me prior to my hire.  I guess you could say my investigative experiences prior to GOON Investigations, as well as my formal education, explains why I "see"  and do more than what's expected of me.
Believe me GOON COW, this frustrates me as much as it frustrates you. I was scheduled off yesterday and today. Yesterday was my 31st birthday, and you know what? I missed it completely! I made plans to spend the day at Glen Ivy Spa, not only because it was my birthday, but because I need it.
Unfortunately, yesterday being as beautiful as it was, I spent my birthday confined to my home office organizing and implementing written data into report form, so GOON Investigations looks good. As I continued to write, write, and write, my hands and wrists became swollen and numb. Today, the doc diagnosed me with having Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both hands. Now, I need  to wear braces at night and whenever they act up during the day.
With that said, you could only imagine how I felt yesterday and today. I don't care so much about the reports I need to write because that's another skill I love to exercise. However, what I find troubling is.....yeah you know.....that on my day-off, on my birthday, on that special day that comes once a year, I  labored my butt off WITHOUT seeing anything in it for me, NO PAY, NOTHING, which I perceive as inhumane, morally unjust and illegal because state and federal laws are being broken on daily basis.
Where did all of this come from? Well, heck, my birthday was completely ruined. Imagine this. I had to answer to family and friends, "No, I can't celebrate my birthday because these reports are due by tomorrow morning at 7:00 A.M....Yes, and, I'm still not getting paid." Boy, was I embarassed because I should have known better; this whole "report writing thing" is wrong!
From this day forward, I have several choices. I could just sit back during a field assignment and not investigate and bring back the facts and utilize a generic report template,  I could deliberately write like a twelve-year old, or I could accept the next  investigator's position that's offered to me. Hopefully, it won't to come to that because I LOVE what I do here at GOON Investigations, what's killing me is the non-paid labor. If I was given minimum wage for every hour I spent on reports, I'd be fine and happy; however, I think GOON Investigations is too cheap to ever even considering this.
Oh well...all I can say is what goes around comes around. There will be a day when my efforts will be positively rewarded and recognized. At the same time, there will be a day when the corporate-decision makers wished they weren't too greedy.
In short, I just needed to vent.
Report #2 will be uploaded either by the time you leave (then a poor quality report) or by 8 or 9 tonight. I'm tring my hardest GOON COW.
Agent Justice I. Diva
Field Investigator
GOON Investigations, Inc.

-----Original Message-----
From: Goon Cow, Sr. Case Mgr.
Sent: Monday, 10/07/02 5:36 PM
To: Agent- Diva, Justice I.
Subject: Reports / Payroll
I am missing these reports/payroll:

I need these ASAP, please!


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