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Sunday, June 14th 2009

9:35 PM

A RED FLAG moment

Dear Journal:

I really need to work out my writer's block.  It comes and goes. I guess that's better than not coming at all. To unblock the block, I need to experiment with my writing, so this is what I'm going to do for today.  I am going to tell a story in third person about what happened today when I took my mountain bike out for a ride. 

Justice Diva was riding the Glacial River Bike trail,  an 8-mile route that extends from  downtown Fort Atkinson to the Jefferson/Rock County line. For living in such a small town, and out in the middle nowhere, Justice Diva has the best bike trips ever because she always returns with a story tell. 
Let's just say her bike trip today was a creepy one.  
 Upon completing the trail, she approached a traffic light.  It was red, so she stopped and waited. As she sipped her bottle of water, Justice Diva couldn't help to notice a man, in car, at the stop light doing "inappropriate things that made her jaw drop. 
He looked at her...he looked at her... and he looked at her!

This is what Justice Diva calls, a RED FLAG moment!
The light turned green.  The man in the car turned right. Like a pervert, he drove slowly with his eyes affixed on Justice Diva.  Little did he know, she was watching him too.  There was no need for her to panic and she didn't because she was in control of the situation.
Justice Diva crossed the street. The pervert in the car was waiting for her by the riverwalk. She felt her heart take an extra beat.  The trail continues along the river, but she took a detour. 
Still, she didn't panic.
From the corner of her eye, she saw something moving slowly. It was him driving slow like a pervert and he continued to watch her. 
It was another RED FLAG MOMMENT.
Enough is enough! Justice Diva had a plan. 
As the pervert continued to stalk her, she took that opportunity to focus not so much on him, but rather the license plate number.

She got it...216 JBK. 
216 JBK.
216 JBK.  
216 JBK.
Justice Diva was at the perfect place at the perfect time.  Her guardian angels were there guiding her to safety.  Straight ahead onto her right is the town's police station. Law enforcement was an arm stretch away.
She continued  her mantra..236 JKT?

No! That's not it. 

236 JTK. No! That's not it.

With the combination of fear and excitement, she forgot the license plate number.  The numbers were jumbled in her head. The dyslexia kicked in at the wrong time. 

Justice Diva turned around and headed back to the river. 

The man in the car was waiting. 

This time, she was determined NOT to forget the license plate number.  How could she? It was a RED FLAG MOMENT. What about the children riding their scooters and bicycles? Kids, women, kids and women. No. 
Justice Diva kept her eyes on the car.  The pervert was waiting by the river.  The car moved slowly toward her.  She got the number! 216 JBK.

216 JBK.

216 JBK.

216 JBK.

Justice turned around and headed toward the cop shop.  Her angels were with her again.  A police officer walked out of nowhere. 

She peddled...and peddled...and peddled.

"Officer 216 JBK! Write it down before I forget! 216 JBK!"

Justice Diva gave a statement to the officer.

The children, the women and Justice Diva were finally safe!

The End.

It's ok.  It could be better.

Anyway, the  entire bike trip was creepy.  I didn't even finish it.  Before the pervert incident happened, I turned around.

There's another chapter to this story. A stretch of the trail extends to a private country road for about 1 mile. There's an abandoned mansion, a dilapitated barn, two corn fields, one on each side of the road, a long driveway, a radio, and a black car.  

There was too much creepiness for me in one day, so next time I ride the trail, I will write about.  I promise. 

It's passed my bedtime, so I am ending it here. 

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